Emerald Coast Catering & Gourmet To Go - Terms of Service

This is the standard weddings contract. Payment terms may vary depending on planning timeframe. Event specific payment terms as indicated on your event estimate supercede standard payment terms.

Deposits, Payment Schedule, Final Invoice

This estimate for requested services is valid for fourteen days from the proposal date. To secure your event date you must: (a) place valid credit card information on file, either Visa, Master Card or Discover; (b) complete, sign & return the ECC contract; (c) pay the secure the date deposit. Payment-type schedule for ECC weddings: (1) Submit the secure the date deposit (2) 90 days prior to the wedding a payment is due leaving 50% of the balance due. (3) 30 days prior to the wedding your final guest count is due. ECC will provide you a Final Invoice based on your final guest count to include adults, children's meals & vendor's meals and any changes you have made to your original Estimate of Services. (4) The balance of your Final Invoice is due in its entirety by 21 days before the wedding. The estimate is valid for fourteen days, however we cannot guarantee your event date will be available for your event until we receive both deposit and completed contract. All deposits are non-transferable and non-refundable. We accept personal checks, cashiers checks, bank checks or cash, Master Card & Visa. Please make checks payable to Emerald Coast Catering & Gourmet To Go. A 3.0% processing fee will be accrued for credit card charges. In the event your function's total cost exceeds the Final Invoice amount, the additional amount will be due and payable within 14 days after the event. Should payment not be received at the end of 14 days, a finance charge will be assessed on the unpaid balance. Should an attorney need to be called upon, attorneys fees and costs shall be paid by the Client. If planning time for event does not allow for standard terms of payment as set out in this contract, please follow the payment date schedule as listed on your most recent estimate of services.


(a) The Caterer reserves the right to make the final determination of the staff required to provide a quality event, in order to maintain their excellent reputation. (b) Labor charges for bartenders, chefs and servers are based on a four-hour event. Service staff will arrive approximately one half hour prior to event. Should your event last longer, additional overtime charges will be invoiced. (c) Wedding receptions taking place at the same venue as the ceremony (such as the beach or a rental home) will have the staff "on duty" fifteen minutes prior to the ceremony. If you have invited your guests to come to the venue earlier than the scheduled start of the ceremony, PLEASE inform us so that our staff will be there to greet them &/or serve them pre-ceremony beverages as determined by your selections. (d) Wedding receptions that take place at a venue different from the ceremony begin fifteen minutes prior to the guests' scheduled arrival. (e) If you plan on pre-ceremony services or an extended event, PLEASE inform us at least one week prior to the event for scheduling purposes. This will assure the service staff is available and allow installation & breakdown crews to properly plan their duties. Unless otherwise arranged prior to the event, staff begins breakdown of event at "event end", see your timeline.

Substitutions & Marketing

(a) Should the quality of a selection not be available to the Caterer for use in a timely manner for your event, the Caterer reserves the right to substitute a product equal to or greater than your selection. This high quality standard applies to floral products, food products, beverages, linens, rental items, and decor items. (b) Food provided by the Client, guests or other vendors relieves the Caterer of any liability involving claims of food-related illnesses, as the Caterer does not have control over the health safety of the product, nor can the food origin of any such illness be established since there is more than one food source. (c) Unless you express otherwise, the Caterer reserves the right to use photographs taken of your event for marketing and promotional purposes.

Final Guest Count

A firm guarantee of attendance must be received by the catering office 30 days prior to your event. This number is NOT subject to reduction. You may raise the number prior to the event, but you should advise the caterer as soon as possible so we can bring the correct amount of food.

Luxe Events:
The final guest count should specify the number of guests in each category:
(a) ADULT guests (persons over 9yrs of age);
(b) CHILDREN (9years of age and under) dining on the adult menu (half the price of the adult menu price);
(c) CHILDREN (9years of age and under) dining on a childen's menu, (the itemized menu price);
(d) VENDORS attending (photographers, videographers, musicians, Dj's, wedding planners, etc.) NOT included on your guest list (half the price of the adult menu price). Some vendor contracts specify meals be served to the contractors. Please inform vendors they will be served a meal & save the hors d'oeuvres for the guests!

Package Events:
The final guest count should specify the total number of guests. Children are not counted as a separate category.
We will need vendors, who will be fed but not have chairs or other guest ammenities.

Economy Events:
The final guest count should specify the total number of guests. Children and vendors are not counted as separate categories.

Base Prices:
With Packages and Luxe events base prices are for 50 guests or more. If the guest count on your proposal reflects 50 or more and you provide a final adult guest count of less than 50, an upward price adjustment will be made on a per person basis. Occasionally extra guests attend weddings unexpectedly. To avoid embarrassment to the host and to avoid injury to our professional reputation by not having enough food, the Caterer will bring approximately 5% extra food. If the final guest count provided to ECC is correct, there will be no charge for this service. If extra guests attend, your credit card will be charged for additional per person costs for food, beverage & services rendered. The Caterer will take a head count during the event. To provide us with your final guest count AND confirm details for the wedding &/or reception, please go to our website, www.cater1.com, select the LOGIN tab, use your User name and Password as provided by the Caterer to access and the Final Guest Count and Information Form. You will need to complete all required fields, answer any other fields pertaining to your event, skip the other fields. The Caterer will then provide you with a Final Estimate which is due per the terms in your estimate. Any changes, additional guests, etc. after the final guest count due date will be billed to a separate invoice payable prior to your event. With Economy events there is a minimum of 30 guests.

Change Orders, Add-Ons, Missing or Damaged Items, Corrections

The Client understands that in signing this document and enlisting the services of the Caterer, the client agrees to provide a valid credit card number on which the contact person is authorized to charge. Should the credit card become invalid, the client agrees to notify the Caterer immediately with the new, valid credit card information. This information will be kept on file by the Caterer until the client's account is completely settled as documented: a) food or beverage items not settled with other paid invoices b) decor &/or design items not settled with other paid invoices c) additional labor cost due to extension of party hours, excessive trash or overuse of facilities d) samples not returned to the Caterer or its sub-vendors e) costs incurred by the Caterer due to damage to venues, including pools, beaches or landscaping f) corrections &/or mathmatical errors made on invoices shall be adjusted & billed to a post-event invoice g) any damages to or loss of inventory belonging to the Caterer or its sub-vendors The Caterer agrees to provide an explanation &/or documentation to the client prior to any charges made on the card.


The Client understands that the following circumstances waive the liability of the Caterer due to lack of control over product &/or outcome: (a) Raw Oysters: the industry wide disclaimer will be noted in the individual menu item description. (b) Food or beverages provided by Client, Client's Guests or Agents, Food Vendors other than the Caterer, Unlicensed Food Vendors. (c) A layout or design used for an event that the Caterer deems unsafe or unworkable with respect to workspace or guest flow.


If you cancel your event between 60 days and 30 days prior to the event, a 50% cancellation fee will be assessed on your total invoice. If you cancel less than 30 days prior to your event, a cancellation fee of 90% will be assessed on your existing or current total invoice. Your cancellation fee, less any deposit the Caterer, Emerald Coast Catering & Gourmet To Go, received, is due upon the receipt of the Caterer's invoice. You and the Caterer agree that these amounts are full settlement amounts and fairly reflect the Caterer's economic losses. Event insurance is available through private insurance companies to cover for possible loss due to illness, hurricanes, or other catastrophies. Some companies are listed on our website.

Tax Exempt

Tax Exempt Groups: Tax-exempt groups must provide a copy of valid state sales tax exempt certificate prior to event.