Emerald Coast Catering & Gourmet To Go Beverages

Emerald Coast Catering & Gourmet To Go Beverages


With wine, champagne, beer, liquor, or alcohol free beverages...

  • We gladly recommend beverages to suit your budget and to pair with your menu
  • You supply the wine, beer &/or alcohol.
  • Don't forget the pre-ceremony cocktail (alcoholic or non) to set the mood for a wedding!
  • Signature Drinks are the hot new thing, name it something special.
  • After dinner LOUNGES are in. The decor can reflect your secret personality...urban chic, tropical pleasure, modern or the shabby chic "white bar" !

You supply the alcoholic beverages, we supply the set-ups!

You supply the alcoholic beverages, we supply the set-ups!

That is correct, you bring the alcohol.
This means you can shop for the best alcohol price available. No post-event invoices for wine, beer, liquor & set-ups.

The Beverage Service you select will be a one time fee per person for unlimited items as described. A true savings!

If your crowd has a particular cocktail that is "in", please let us know so we will bring extra mixers & garnish for those drinks.

Choose a beverage service first, then choose a bar station

Beverage Service Options:

Service does not include the alcohol.

Wine & Beer Beverage Service

Ice Tea, Lemon Water, Ice & Acrylic Tumblers (Client to supply alcohol.)

Premium Beverage Service

Bottled Spring Water, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Mixers
(Tonic, Soda, Fruit Juices, Bloody Mary Mix, etc.),
Fruit & Garni, Ice, & Acrylic Tumblers (Client to supply alcohol.)
Unless otherwise noted, the client supplies all alcohol.

Other Bar Station Options:

Stations do not include the alcohol.

Martini Bar Station

Includes: Bar station, linens, coolers, ice & trash receptacles.

Standard Martini Station:

Choose 3 different Martinis to serve your guest, you provide the liquor, we provide the mixers, garni & glasses displayed at a beautiful martini station. Choose from martini recipes such as: Cosmopolitan, Appletini, Dirty Martini, Tradition Gin or Vodka Martini, or your own invention! Price based on martini types offered to your guests.

Other Beverage Options:

Signature Cocktails!!!

For Cocktail Hour or After Party & Dancing. The hot new thing in urban chic. Design your own or let us provide you with a choice of cocktail concoctions. Name your signature drink something special...where you met your fiance, a secret code name, whatever is meaningful to the two of you. For a corporate event, name it after a retired product or a new product ready to be launched.

Or you can go on line to Stirrings.com and search by color or alcohol for another great cocktail! Martha Stewart and the Knot both have suggestions and recipes too.

Some Alcohol-Free Options:

  • Choice of Punch, Ice Tea, Almond Ice Tea, Passion Fruit Ice Tea or Lemonade
  • Pre-ceremony non-alcoholic concoctions: Orange Sunset, Cherry Lemonade Spritzer, Passion Play, Light as a Rose, Grapefruit Julep.
  • Coffee or Hot Tea: served in disposable cups with condiments provided.
    Irish Coffee Glasses & Cups & Saucers available for rental.
  • Sparkling Alcohol Free Punch
    What about an old fashioned punch bowl station with cut glass punch bowls and cups!
    We also have a beautiful silver punch bowl with a grapevine design rim.


Acrylic tumblers are included in the beverage services listed above.

If you wish to have glassware, the following options are available:
Wine, Rocks, Hi-Ball, Irish Coffee, Ice Tea/ Soda, & Water Goblets. Keep in mind that some venues do not allow glass. If there is a pool or at the beach you must use plastic or acrylic. The upgrade to stemmed plastic glassware is available. Most wine drinkers prefer a wine glass, martinis too. Long neck beer bottles are perfect for most guests. Champagne needs a flute of course...are you having a champagne toast?

We gladly make recommendations for the amount of alcohol, wine & beer appropriate for your event and guest count.

Chef Serafin is very well-versed in wine, with several honorary sommelier degrees bestowed upon him. He has served as a judge on numerous tasting committees, such as Sandestin Wine Festival & WSRE Annual Wine Tasting Awards, Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation, & A Taste of the Coast. His restaurant, Jamie's French Restaurant later known as Jamie's Wine Bar & Restaurant, was the first to receive the prestigious Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator on the entire Florida Panhandle! Chef Gary has sold wine to retailers for a boutique wine importer, further enhancing his knowledge of wines. He will gladly make unique suggestions that pair wonderfully with your chosen menu and work within your budget.

Tips for ordering the appropriate beverage service:

  1. Select the Bar Service you require.

    • If you are just serving wine, beer and even a Signature Drink select the Basic Bar Service.
    • If you are offering a full liquor bar, select Premium Bar Service.
    • You must choose one or the other services, as we cannot guestimate what your guests will drink and we bring enough bar setp-ups to accommodate the crowd.
    • If you are using a premium service, perhaps to move things along more quickly, we may put wine & beer at one station and mixed drinks at another. It is still considered Premium for the entire guest count, as we will have enough to accommodate your guests.

  2. Select the Station(s) you require.

    • You can mix and match stations. For example, you can have a Standard Station and an Enhanced Martini Bar Station.

  3. How many bartenders do I need?

    • We recommend one per fifty guests for wine and beer stations and teetotaler stations (alcohol free). For premium bars with full liquor service, depending on timing of event and efficiency desired, it can be one or two per 50-75 guests.

  4. Can I order a bartender without bar service or a bar station?

    • No, we require our clients to order a Bar Service (Basic or Premium) AND a Bar Station (selections listed below).
    • Please note however that we allow clients to bring their own liquor, wine & beer for cost savings.

  5. Who supplies the alcohol and how much should be ordered?

    • The client supplies all the alcohol (wine, beer & liquor). This enables you to get the best price you can. Please consider this courtesy we offer our clients when comparing costs between Emerald Coast Catering and other vendors.
    • Quantity varies depending on the guest list. Do your guests drink several drinks at an event, or just one glass of wine?
    • We are happy to discuss quantity with you.
    • We have an excellent working relationship with Chan's Wine World. They will allow returns of unopened liquor and wine from our clients. They also have excellent prices. They also have multiple locations, some of their phone numbers are listed on our Vendor page.

  6. What wine should be served with my menu selection?

    • Gary Serafin is very knowledgeable in wine and happy to advise unique wines your guests will not only enjoy, but can't price shop. Just tell him your budget and he will pair the perfect wine for the meal.

A wine tasting event

Stroll the Garden with a Pre-ceremony Signature Beverage, an English Tea Sandwich & a Wedding Program

Champagne with Raspberries for a Morning Ceremony

One of our smiling servers!