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A Dessert Station

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Consider offering your guests many dessert choices. You can offer this in addition to a smaller wedding cake, instead of a groom’s cake or just because you love dessert. A birthday party is another chance to offer more than just cake. The price of the station will depend on selection.

Should you really want to highlight sweets, we offer our Manhattan Dessert Station with lights and mirrors!! This station featured a whimsical wedding cake, Italian profiteroles, key lime tarts & the bridal bouquet, all at different elevations!

Delight your guests with our cakes

Our Desserts Menu options in Northwest Florida

We will be more than happy to provide you with a beautiful cake. The best thing is to find your favorite cake in a magazine or on line and email a photo of it to us. We can then provide you with a quote. Should you choose to order the cake yourself, please determine the width of the board on which the cake will sit AND the shape, so that we may provide the proper cake stand.

Includes cake table, enhanced linen, cake stand, silver cutting & serving set, some decor.
We will further enhance this wedding icon with decor and accents to complement the overall wedding reception theme and colors. We can achieve this through elevation of the cake stand, greenery, candles, etc. Send us photographs of cakes and cake presentations that you like!

Includes rental of glass dessert plates, dessert forks, paper beverage napkins. After the ceremonial cutting of the cake(s) our chef will cut and plate slices of cake.

If you also have a groom’s cake, we will provide rental items (glass dessert plates, dessert forks and paper beverage napkins) at no additional charge. There is a charge for an additional cake table and linen.

It has become popular to have cup cakes instead of wedding cake, especially if you are having a casual or relaxed reception. Our cup cake tower is fun and creates a focal point for festive icing decor.

Our chocolate dessert fountain flows with over ten pounds of dark, milk or semi-sweet chocolate. Surrounded by bowls of goodies, such as strawberries, pineapple, marshmallows, pound cake, candy bars and cookies, the station creates a sumptuous “over the top” dessert experience. Watch your adult guests turn into children as they build their skewers and dip! Vesuvius keeps both the guests and the chocolate “flowing”!

Some of our couples have chosen a key lime pie to cut for the ceremony and then offer the guest key lime tarts. We have a beautiful multi-tiered stand as a possible presentation for such a choice, a three tiered stand with the tarts set on glass plates and the pie on a cake stand in front.

One couple recently “confessed” that they both dislike cake, believe it or not, but love strawberries and wanted a strawberry pyramid. Chef Serafin pointed out the fact that to have a strawberry pyramid with enough strawberries for each guest to have two or three, it would have to be enormous. They were after all having 100 guests. So he suggested chocolate dipped strawberries as a nice pyramid the size of a table top topiary and provide the guests with strawberry shortcake. Everyone loved it. We have also included them on stands around the wedding cake.

No, we are not making this up. Nor are we big stockholders in the Krispy Kreme Corporation. One of our wedding couples met at their regular “breakfast” spot, that’s right, a Krispy Kreme. So we piled up the doughnuts, creating a tower. We have had more requests since posting this option. One of our most recent weddings featured cup cakes instead of a wedding cake and doughnuts instead of a groom’s cake, so we combined them all on our cup cake stand!

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Our chocolate fountain...pounds of flowing chocolate surrounded by goodies. All your guests will love this station, and everyone will act like a kid!

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Not a cake fan, try a pie station!
Our chefs made five types of pies, many times over, served with anitque lace and silver!!

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A Garden Room for the Wedding Cake!

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Close up of hand blown glass topper

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Flower tower topped with glass initial topper

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A cake for a garden wedding

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A cake on every table

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