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we know the special challenges involved in planning destination weddings and all the activities surrounding them. Rehearsal dinners are different from hometown weddings in that most bride and grooms choose to invite all the guests to the rehearsal dinner as opposed to just the bridal party and close family. Often this can put a crimp in the overall budget.

We offer discounts for the Rehearsal Dinner and other catered affairs surrounding the wedding, if we are providing services for the wedding reception. Many couples choose to have a Meet & Greet the first night their guests arrive on the Emerald Coast. Others have an Exit Brunch the last morning, providing a perfect send off to thank their guests for helping celebrate their marriage. We have also catered Bridesmaids’ Luncheons and other affairs during the wedding festivities. Be creative!

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Not when Emerald Coast Catering & Gourmet To Go is your caterer!
We KNOW that the wedding should be the grand event of the weekend. We take great pains to make certain the food is different. Even if the location is the same for both events, we can make the atmosphere different with respect to food service style, furniture rentals, lighting and linens. If we are also providing furniture rentals and linens we switch things around between the two events in order to create a different atmosphere for each evening. One example: The rehearsal dinner was a Hawaiian Luau buffet featuring a suckling pig, the tent adorned with festive linens and lanterns, all very colorful. The wedding was a vision in white. The clients were ecstatic!

We offer discounts on the food. If we are providing rental services, we offer discounts on those as well.

First and foremost, you only have to deal with one company. We get to know you and can guide you from one event to the other, creating two very different but very wonderful affairs.
Secondly, we can save you money with our food discounts.
We can also give you guidance on the planning process for the weekend events, saving you time, money and frustration. We even try to schedule the same staff at both events so the second night your guests feel as though they are in a local club!

Thursday night: Guests begin to arrive.
Possibly have a Meet & Greet at cocktail hour welcoming your guests possibly offering them some simple fare.

Friday Night: The Rehearsal. The Rehearsal Dinner.
If having a rehearsal, make certain to schedule the dinner after you think the rehearsal will be completely finished. This is especially true if the location of the rehearsal is the same as the venue for the Rehearsal Dinner. It is too distracting to everyone partying while the bridal party is trying to rehearse!
Perhaps schedule it to conclude earlier than the wedding reception, as the next day is special and you want everyone to feel good for the big day!

Saturday Night: Wedding (Possibly at Sunset). The Wedding Reception to follow.
Depending on the time of the year, sunset can dictate timing for much of the evening. As summer arrives and sunset is later, you may wish to get married before sunset and start your reception. You can then have your photographer take the bride and groom aside for sunset photographs.
Remember, there is a 10pm noise ordinance on the Emerald Coast and all music and parties must be stopped or taken inside, so plan your festivities accordingly.
Some bride and grooms choose to have an after party at a rental home with a midnight snack or take the hard core partiers out to a club.
You must consider all the facts and plan according to your tastes, the interests and age of your guests and of course remember your budget.

Sunday Morning: An Exit Brunch, of course!